pan global recruitments (pvt) ltd

Which was incorporated in 2003 has raised a very steady growth to where it is today. In the recent years, more and more foreign migrant workers from developing countries have moved into different part of the world, mostly to developed countries or countries that has vibrant economy compare to their own. These foreign migrant workers have contributed immensely to the growth of their respective countries economy where they work. According to Asian development bank institute, seven of the world’s ten richest    economies by RGDP (Real Gross Domestic Product) per capita are in Asia and the Middle East where considerable population foreign migrant workers can be found.

With the liberalization of the economic policies, Sri Lanka has become a country, which stood in the fore front supporting its populations to seek foreign employment as a vital source of foreign currency inflow to the country as well as a proven method to reduce unemployment. Pan Global Recruitments (Pvt) Ltd happens to be a pioneer in foreign employment.